When I first started my business in January, I didn’t really have a focus. I knew I wanted to provide design services, but I felt I didn’t have a target audience yet. I didn’t want to continue designing invitations, although I did take a couple orders.
With my first company, Paper Cut Industries, I actually applied the same concepts of ‘branding’ to weddings + events. I made sure anything printed or designed went well with the whole theme of the wedding. Why? Because it was all in the details, the delivery and the feeling evoked when guests received an invitation in the mail. It set the tone and let guests know what kind of event it was going to be.


I had the pleasure of working with various wedding professionals on their brand identity as well. Being a part of creating a cohesive identity for a business was really my jam. No matter if you are freelancer, entrepreneur or small business owner, a quality brand identity sets you apart from the crowd + your competition. Having a strong brand presence means that your customers or clients will ‘get’ who you are or what your business is about from the first interaction.


Think about it. When you choose where to go for dinner, chances are you are considering quality, price + expectations. Why get sushi from 7-11 when you could go to I Luv Sushi? They have better quality, reasonable prices & delicious food. Plus, the ambiance, the location + great people. All of these things take a part in overall branding.


Your brand is not simply a logo. Oh no no! Branding is what others say about who you are. Your brand identity helps formulate those ideas for them. Creating a rocking business name, logo, tagline are a start. But things like your core message, your work and how your clients feel when they work with you are all collaborative elements that work together.


Here are the 10 Reasons Why Having A Strong Brand Identity Is Important:


1. INCREASES THE VALUE OF YOUR COMPANY. When you have a really good brand identity on your website + through your social media, people take you more seriously. No longer do they view your business as just a hobby, it’s legit.


2. IMPROVES RECOGNITION. When you have all your brand identity in place, it serves as your advertising. Advertising only works with repetition. If you were to repeat your company name + logo on Facebook and on Instagram & they didn’t match, people won’t perceive them to be the same.


3. CREATES TRUST. When you take your business seriously, your clients + customers trust that you will take them seriously too. It can reflect that professionalism is important to you + prospects will be able to see that.


4. SUPPORTS ADVERTISING + MARKETING EFFORTS. Again, if you are going to start having Facebook ADs or postcard mailers printed, you want to look like you have your shit together. Don’t cut corners on trying to save money where you should be investing in it. Marketing tools work for you, they shouldn’t work against you.


5. BUILDS FINANCIAL VALUE. You don’t want a half-ass logo you bought on VistaPrint or Etsy slapped across your business card. Why? Because people can tell. When they can tell you don’t invest in your business, they won’t see the value in investing in you.


6. GENERATES NEW CUSTOMERS. Whoa! When someone ‘sees’ something they are drawn to, it’ like a magnet. Tapping into who your target market is, is crucial. Knowing what they like, are attracted to + what they need are the keys to your success.


7. SETS YOU APART FROM YOUR COMPETITION. Hello! People connect to visuals + feelings are generated from them. Your look + feel are what customers use to identity you. When they ‘think’ of you, these colors, images + style pop in their head. This style is so magnetic, that they don’t even think of your competition because it falls flat compared to what you represent.


8. GENERATES REFERRALS. When someone comes across something cool + useful, they like to talk about it. They tell their friends + colleagues. You need to convince them that you are good for it. It’s their referral reputation on the line, so when they talk, they feel confident is suggesting you.


9. HELPS CUSTOMERS KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT. If you have an outdated website + your logo screams, “I did it!” (not in a good way), customers can expect that much quality in return. It’s the whole, bang for your buck theory. If you do however, offer competitive prices + have a solid portfolio showing your work, they can gather that they will be getting something very similar in quality to your previous work.


10. REPRESENTS YOU + YOUR PROMISE TO YOUR CUSTOMER. Overall, branding is what sets the tone of who your business is + what your core messaging is about. Ultimately, your brand is what others are saying it is. So why not give them something awesome to talk about?


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