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5 Elements Your Business Website Needs

Good web design seems like it should be straightforward, but there are a few elements that are absolute necessities that many novice designers overlook. Here are 5 Elements Your Business Website Needs to be profitable.

Navigation Panel

User-friendliness is critically important for modern websites. Users of all ages and level of web-savviness should be able to navigate your site, so be sure to prioritize usability.

One great way to bump up the ease of navigation on your site is to add a user-friendly navigation panel. This way users can select their desired destination from a menu or drop-down list and end up exactly where they want to be.

Call to Action

A great business website should lead to a great number of conversions. Do this by adding a call to action that your readers or shoppers will be likely to follow. Use the FOMO – fear of missing out – premise to encourage sales or a “contact us now” statement to encourage interaction from readers.

Search Feature

Have multiple products, articles, or other features that your consumers or visitors might want to browse? Add a search bar or feature to allow for easier navigation. Shoppers or readers will be much happier if they can go directly to the content they’re looking for.

Info-Rich Footer or Side Bar

A sidebar or website footer that contains important information will help your shoppers or readers in a variety of ways. First, it will help with contacting you; most footers include your current contact information along with navigation features. It will also provide a location for most questions they might have to be answered. Lastly, it’s a great place to tuck lesser-used links and important disclosures so they don’t crowd the main workings of your site.

Quality Images and Content

No matter how great your overall web design is, your site won’t be very effective if your content isn’t there. Likewise, your imagery is a huge selling point for everything your company offers and stands for; you need to represent it properly.

Choose images that are professional in quality and content that is well-written. If you don’t have this kind of content already, work with a content creation company to whip some up.

By adding these 5 elements your business website needs, you are setting your website up to be profitable. For more information About Orange County web design services, contact the experts at the Margaux Agency. We can help you create the kind of attractive, functional site your consumers will adore – and which will bring you conversions as you’ve never seen before.

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