5 Productivity Apps To Get Shit Done

5 productivity apps to get shit done


Not only do small businesses owners spend most of their time on their phones, most people in general do. Having the right tools in the palm of your hand can make you more efficient & definitely more productive. I’ve put together 5 Productivity Apps To Get Shit Done.

1. Google Calendar: For all my calendars & keeping track of family, life & work, I use Google Calendar. I love it first for the color options for different calendars. Then, I can create a new calendar online, then have it sync to my iPhone & iPad immediately. Using the cloud, you can also create shared calendars with others.

2. Pocket: Do you ever find a great article on a website & just want to… read it later? I do all the time. Now, whether or not that actually happens is another story, but at least I set myself up for success with Pocket. This great little tool keeps what looks like a Pinterest board of articles or websites that I want to check out later.

3. Wunderlist: I’m a huge fan of separating life from work, or at least I try. With Wunderlist, my husband and I can easily share lists like, groceries, things to do around the house and even a check list for our vacations. It sync right away which is always cool if one is at the store & forgot to add something. Each list can be shared with another or kept private for yourself.

4. Grab for Instagram (formerly Instagrab): This is my favorite Instagram app. I use it for keeping, again Pinterest folder-like, stacks of images that I love. You can create stacks of all sorts of categories so you can reference them later. I have things like, Recipes, Travel & inspiration. This app also allows you to repost images from Instagram to your own account. Don’t forget to tag & credit those images!

5. Basecamp: I was introduced to this by a design friend earlier this year & I’ve been using it ever since. Basecamp is great for project management, especially those that include image files. You can all the files for a project here instead of email. A project calendar & to-do list for your team & the client. You also get to choose anything the client sees while keeping the team in the loop.

What about you? What are some of your favorite productivity apps? Have you used any of these I’ve shared?

Monica Garrett



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