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6 Warning Signs Your Branding Isn't Working

6 Warning Signs Your Branding Isn’t Working

You think about marketing. You spend money, time and efforts on it while understanding that great marketing provides growth and longevity. But unfortunately, your beliefs and desires to engage in marketing do not guarantee your success in executing a perfect branding strategy. So, is there a way to forecast whether or not your branding will work? Here are 6 Warning Signs Your Branding Isn’t Working.

WARNING SIGN #1: Your strategy is nothing but an afterthought

Take some time and think about your strategy–What are your goals? What are the end and short term objectives? How do you plan on increasing engagement? If you are unable to answer these questions, you probably don’t have a strategy at all.

WARNING SIGN #2: It’s tough to explain why your branding is different

Try listing some of the unique factors that distinguish your marketing and social campaigns from others. If your branding lacks a unique factor to stand out from the crowd, it might be the case that customers are not recognizing you at all. Check out this article on 11 Reasons Why Branding Your Business is Important.

WARNING SIGN #3: It’s hard to recall the last conversation you had with a customer

An interaction with customers is what keeps them coming back for more. If someone has a query or a concern, you should be there to answer it, regardless of how important the concern is. If your customers are making a comment, you should address it. And if you are not doing so, you probably are going down the path of an unsuccessful marketing venture.

WARNING SIGN #4: You don’t know how much time you are spending on branding

This is a tricky one and is for you to figure out. You probably feel good as you give appropriate time to your marketing campaigns. But, it could be a little too much. If you are dedicating surplus time and money on social campaigns, your expenditures on the branding are probably more than it’s worth.

If I ask “what is different about your brand?” and you draw a blank, then you really need to work on your branding strategy! Click To Tweet

WARNING SIGN #5: You are more concerned about price than value

Once you get into the shoes of a profitable manager, it might be the case that you lose the sight of the core objective-giving values to customers. If we think of it, when a customer is dissatisfied about the price, he is not pleased with the value of your products or service. When you focus on value and worth, the price automatically becomes irrelevant.

WARNING SIGN #6: You don’t have dedicated marketing staff

The digital marketing execution in your company must be owned by a dedicated staff member. Someone has to be responsible for the digital marketing activity of agency activity and the associated goals. If you can’t hire a new employee, you can add digital marketing to the job description of a capable employee. Doing this will avoid failure before you have even begun.

It’s not a good practice to ignore these messages. Branding is a prominent area that needs sheer attention. Make it a priority this year and see remarkable results yourself.


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