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Marketing to Gen Z

The business landscape is changing, and so is the way people look at marketing. Consumer perceptions and behaviors have changed in the last several decades. Consumers don’t look at marketing in the way they used to. Most businesses have a marketing strategy ready for Millennials and Baby Boomers. However, they aren’t paying too much attention to the youngest generation: Gen Z.

It’s important that you take your younger customers into consideration. After all, the biggest success lies in a brands’ ability to adapt and improvise to changing times. So read on and think about how you can make your brand appeal to Gen Z!

Generation Z is a term used for describing and identifying all people born after Millennials, so from 1996 onwards. They’re growing up and play an important role in the decision-making processes within their family. You need to identify the potential they have. Then you also need to curate your offerings in such a way that your business is able to influence Generation Z.

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Below is a guide to understanding the dynamics of Generation Z and how they think in regards to marketing. Once you put yourself in their shoes, you should be able to increase and substantiate your offerings. You should do so in such a way that you are able to attract the growing Generation Z market.

The Difference Between Gen Z and Millennials

Before we get to discuss the major intricacies involved in this, let’s discuss the differences between Generation Z and Millennials. These two groups might have similar attributes on the surface, but they require a fundamental shift in marketing techniques. To go by paper, Generation Z consumers were born after the Millennials, and form the group of people born after 1996. So, while Millennials are currently between the ages of 25 and 40, the oldest Generation Z person will be in their early 20s.

Over-Reliance on Cell Phones

The single most important attribute of all Generation Z people is that they started using mobile at a very early age. While Millennials didn’t own cell phones during their early years, Generation Z has been drawn to technology and are able to use their cell phones the way they want. The use of cell phones from a very young age has also meant that Generation Z people tend to over-rely on their mobile devices. Not only do they trust their devices more, but they tend to react more to mobile marketing.

Generation Z people also happen to be impatient, which shows in their attention span. The average attention span for a Millennial is believed to be 12 seconds, while the average attention span for a Generation Z kid is claimed to be 8 seconds. The over-reliance on mobile devices has a big role to play in determining this attention span. Additionally, this comparatively lesser attention span means that Generation Z children are more likely to scroll past an advertisement on social media if it doesn’t catch their attention than any other group. So make sure your short-form copywriting and graphic design game are on point!

Leveraging the Power of Snapchat and Instagram

With their Instagram stories and Snapchat streaks, Generation Z kids are more tech-savvy than any other generation before them. Marketers can leverage this attribute to their own advantage, by advertising to them where their interests lie. A Generation Z person will usually be found scanning Instagram and Snapchat. They feed their need for social communication through the internet and use the unique and adaptive business model of Snapchat and Instagram to hone in on the most suitable results.

Now, if you’re looking to market to Generation Z kids, you should head over to Snapchat. Snapchat offers a brilliant sponsored content option. Amp up your work on Instagram as well, since it’ll provide the fast-paced visual content Gen Z kids prefer.

Influencing Purchases

Recent studies analyzing the influence Generation Z has on purchases has given a perspective on marketing to them is. Individuals within this segment haven’t started working yet. So they don’t have a stable income coming through on a periodic basis. Hence, they rely on influencing the purchasing patterns and methods of their elders to get the right results.

Moms that were interviewed and studied as part of recent research believed that their Generation Z child was extremely influential when it came to numerous purchases. Their biggest influence was obviously on toys, as 84% of moms felt that their Generation Z kid has an influence on the kind of toys they buy. Following toys were apparel, the dinner menu, family vacation, entertainment, mobile phone, computer, and TV. More than 50% of moms mentioned that their child has an opinion to give on all of the above decisions.

Additionally, 29% of moms also believed that their Generation Z kid can impact the choice of their family car as well. These stats continue to prove that Generation Z kids have an influence on many of the decisions made by their Millennial parents. Knowing this, it is best to market to them in such a way that they use their information about your products or services while influencing a purchase in the future.

How to Market to Generation Z?

The trends are changing, and Generation Z kids are playing an important role in purchase decisions. Many marketers haven’t yet altered their marketing plans to pitch their family vacation for an 11-year-old, but if the stats above are anything to go by, we need to take into account the perspectives of our younger counterparts.

If you need help connecting with your target market, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Margaux Agency team. Using our experience and experience, we will help you formulate a social media marketing strategy that aligns with your company goals. 

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Marketing to Gen Z

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