Being Boss: How to Fail the Right Way



One of the hardest realization about being an entrepreneur is that you are bound to fail. But don’t let that discourage you! As an entrepreneur you will be challenged & need to change your mindset on how to think about “failure”. To succeed, you must fail. Being boss means you must know how to fail the right way.


Modern entrepreneurs need to realize that to be boss, you must have the determination to view failures as learning experiences & lessons learned. It happens to the best of us. Having a previous business that I closed, I felt like a failure. But once I realized how much I learned, I jumped back in. This time, smarter & wiser about decisions I make for my business. Being boss means you will make touch decisions & sometimes, they fail.


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Here are 5 tips on How To Fail the Right Way:


  1. FAIL FAST. Develop new things quickly & without obsessing over perfection. Get it launched! This has worked wonders for me since I’m notoriously a perfectionist & non-diagnosed OCD. Start it, fail, change it, FAST.
  2. FAIL FORWARD. If you are going to fail (and you will), make sure it moves your business in a new direction. Failure can only lead to success when it’s innovating. Think of it this way, there are always updates to your favorite apps & even the iPhone. It’s not perfect the first time & finding out what works & what doesn’t helps move your business forward.
  3. FAIL SMART. You must learn from the failure. If you are failing because you just aren’t paying attention or it was something avoidable, then my dear, that’s just slack. Pay your bills on time, send the invoices, sign the contracts. Some things just need to be done.
  4. FAIL CHEAP. No one should go all in on an investment to find it leaves them high & dry. Keep your losses to a minimum. Test things out on the cheap, and see if they work.
  5. FAIL WITH INTEGRITY. Prove you are a person to trust & respect. Word gets around & past clients or customers can come around again. Make sure you are honest & please don’t cheat. Kind & smart people will forgive your failures if you honest with them.


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