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I wanted to take this chance to give you more details about my company, Margaux Agency. Over the course of this year, I have been perfecting + tweaking my site to really reflect what services I want to offer.

This year I started my business & was super excited when I launched my new website & began a new journey. But many people still ask me, “What do you do? Do you still design invitations?”.

No, I don’t design invitations any longer. Rather, I create brand identity that attracts + websites that sell for creative entrepreneurs. My love for branding weddings + events was always evident, &  I want to offer the same attention to business owners.

My specialty is brand identity, things creating an intentionally designed logo, color palette, packaging + more. All of these things are most successful for your business with a strategy, & I’m all about it. Together we can create a unique brand identity + strategy for your business. With all those elements, I create self-hosted WordPress websites for clients. WordPress is great because you can make changes as you need to.

Also, if you keep up with this blog, I will be sharing more tips on branding, creative entrepreneurship, marketing + website design. But, as you know, I’m super inspired by trends + fashion, so I will also be sharing my favorite finds on The M. List weekly.

Thanks again for all your support + continuing with me on this journey! Thanks for taking the time to ready this. If you want more, check out my portfolio + services, or email me at [email protected]

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Monica Garrett


CEO + Creative Director | Margaux Agency

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