Brand Promise:

Impact of Brand Promise for a Company

Good branding is not just About making promises. Anyone can do that. Effective Branding is, in fact, delivering on the brand promise and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. When done right it can be the single most important thing that can sustain and help the company grow in the long run.

If you consistently deliver on your promise, customers will learn to trust your brand. This will increase the brand value that will make it easy to acquire new customers and grow market share.

People stick to brands that seem trustworthy and committed to customer satisfaction. They will feel at ease spending their money on the rand and will continue to do so as long as a company continues to deliver on that promise. This is confirmed by a study that analyzed more than 10,000 customers’ conversation on social media and found brand promise was the most important perceived benefit category for companies.

Today, most customers are vigilant about the brands they associate with. They prefer to interact with brands that are considered honest and authentic due to delivering on their promise.

Once a company is able to gain trust, customers will remain loyal to the company so long as it continues to deliver on the value proposition.

However, the moment there is a hint that the company has turned its focus on making a profit at the expense of customer satisfaction, they will soon switch to a competitor brand for no bigger reason than vengeance for not delivering on brand promise.  

Customers are smart these days. They are increasingly vigilant and conduct their own research to seek brands that are honest and authentic. A loyal and proud customer base will be formed when the company delivers on its promises. These customers will mention the company within their own social circle and carry the brand name higher. And thanks to the viral nature of social media, the impact of delivering on the promise is profound.

Let’s take a look at five wondrous impacts of building an authentic brand experience by constantly delivering on the promises.

1. Brand Differentiation

Every company wants to gain a competitive advantage over the competition. Most will try to do so based on the products or Services. However, in today’s cutthroat competitive era, this type of Strategy is no longer effective.

In order to build true differentiation, a company should be committed to an authentic customer experience. They should differentiate by aligning their products or services to the value proposition. In other words, they should remain focused on delivering on their promises and keep the customers satisfied. For this reason alone, the companies will be considered different and apart from others. Even if their products and services are essentially the same, the simple act of being true to their words will act as an effective differentiator, which is hard to imitate by the competitors.

2. Positive Brand Experience

Scholars define brand experience as feelings, sensations, and responses created by brand-related stimuli. They are part of the brand environment that create a unique brand identity. A positive brand identity translates into positive customer loyalty and improved profitability.

Brand promise will help your company to create a positive brand experience. By delivering on the brand promise, you will not only satisfy but also delight customers. Your brand will evoke a positive, personal emotion that will work wonders in creating a loyal customer base.

3. Enhance Credibility among Customers

Credibility is the most important currency in the branding environment. Companies that focus on building credibility are able to build increased brand loyalty, recognition, and competitiveness. Credibility has a direct impact on the customer purchase decision and the commitment to remain loyal to a brand.

By following on promises, a company will be able to build credibility and gain trust. This will result in greater customer loyal retention. The credibility that is created through delivering on promises often lasts for a lifetime and also becomes a legacy of the company going on through generations.

4.  Creates Personal Pride

People fell a sense of pride in associating with an authentic and trustworthy brand. Investing in a brand identity and delivering on the promises shows that you are committed to success.

Everyone wants to associate themselves with success whether it’s successful celebrities, sportsperson, philanthropist or even a company. A company that invests in its success will keep true to its promise and create increase brand loyalty and trust.

Now that you know about the wonderful impact of delivering on the promise, let’s take a look at some of the companies that have been able to win our trust (and wallet) by being committed to fulfilling the brand promise.  

A. “Think Different”

Most of you will have instantly realized this as the brand promise of Apple. This is arguably the most famous brand promise and is one of the keys to the company’s success. The brand promise guarantees customers about innovative products that are different from others, and which others will try to imitate. Also, the company inspires customers to also think differently to achieve success in life.

B. “To Inspire Moments of Optimism and Uplift”

Everyone except probably those who are fans of Pepsi will have recognized this as a brand promise of Coca-Cola. The company promises a different route to corporate success. The promise conveys a sense of empathy and human connectedness. With this brand promise, the company has positioned itself as a people’s choice and a lifestyle brand that is more than about drinking coke.

C. “The Ultimate Driving Machine”

Car lovers would instantly recognize this as the brand promise of BMW. The company aims to produce the most efficient and luxurious vehicle. Due to a commitment to excellence, it’s not surprising that the company has been able to continuously win the Best Cars Award in the upper midrange category with the most recent win in 2018.

Important Takeaways

Companies that deliver on their promise are able to build a committed group of followers who continue to do business with a company. A company’s top priority should be to gain customer trust. And this is easier if they deliver while keeping true to their promises.

Marketers need to ensure that the company promises only that can be later delivering. Focusing on fulfilling brand promise results in creating a unique brand identity and gives the company an edge through differentiation. It creates a positive brand experience and enhances the credibility of the company. Customers feel a great sense of pride in being associated with the company that results in increased brand loyalty and company profitability.

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