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By combining experiential, influencer, and social media marketing, Margaux Agency was able to boost this BOXHAUS event to the max!
Company Background

BOXHAUS is a physical fitness center with locations in Newport Beach and Long Beach. They serve to challenge others to become the best versions of themselves through a healthy and active lifestyle. Their main ethos puts a modern twist on boxing and encourages everyone to try it no matter what shape, size, or gender you are. They have a dark bag room with fun music and amazing instructors, as well as an echo chic boxing ring that is perfect for private training sessions.

BOXHAUS was looking for a partner to amplify their grand opening fitness event at 2nd & PCH in Long Beach. Looking for a high attendance rate and buzz factor, BOXHAUS wanted to utilize the power of social media marketing. They wanted to create a fitness, health, and wellness event people would be talking about long after the workout was complete. By combining experiential, influencer, and social media marketing, Margaux Agency was able to boost BOXHAUS in all the right ways on their big day.

Event Popup
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Event Popup
The Challenge
The event faced some physical challenges. The event was set in a small outdoor courtyard in the mall, creating a challenging setup and possible cramping with 5–6 partner booths surrounding the space. The list of partners and sponsors was ever-growing, at the end reaching 8 partner brands. Keeping track of who was involved and to what capacity was critical. Additionally, some influencers who were slated to attend had scheduling conflicts. With just days leading up to the event, there were last-minute cancellations and changes in attendance.
Our Solution
Margaux Agency was able to provide a stellar experience for all event attendees. We did this by researching and pairing the event with value-aligned fitness and wellness brands. This included influencers, product sponsorship from Nike and Sephora for influencer gifting, and handling all influencer relations and contracts. Additionally, we managed all branding, promotions, targeted social media marketing, and nurturing relationships with all attendees, brands, and sponsors post-event.

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Wellness Event Activation Website Landing Page

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