Changing Dynamics of Content Marketing for Architects

Changing Dynamics of Content Marketing

Marketing is a constantly evolving field but because of its relevance, it has only grown in importance over the years. Despite the complex nature of this field, researchers have to always find new ways in which companies can showcase their products and Services to consumers in a manner that attracts their attention the most.

Over the years most of the Marketing efforts have gone digital and are now performed on online platforms. Content marketing is one form of digital marketing that uses the power of words to spread the message across. While many people have suggested that since no one has the time to go through long boring word posts anymore, the art is dying out.

However, the reality is the exact opposite.

Statistics from Google show that even today, the average word count of the articles that show up on the first page of the search results is around 1890 words. Marketers from around the world still believe that content marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools that give them results. So, the only question that comes to mind is that if content marketing is still so effective then why do people suggest it is dying? The answer is simple: because it has evolved into new forms.

How Content Marketing has changed over the years

In the early days blogging with posts that had no visuals or other fancy aids was considered attractive because people had the time to read through articles and blogs in order to extract the information that they needed. The fast-paced world that we live in today is completely different. It is a time of videos and visual effects. This can be understood by the fact that Facebook executives have said that in the next 5 years, all the content on their Website will be videos only. So where has content marketing gone then?


It has moved to social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat and has been renamed microblogging. As the name suggests, microblogging refers to blogging but using smaller texts and more visual support. The human brain processes visuals almost 60,000 times faster than words, which is why images and videos catch more attention than any other form of communication. As a result, the long boring word posts have now transformed into shorter more attractive captions on images and videos.

Niche targeting

Don’t think, however, that the entire art of long post blogging has converted to microblogging. There are still people out there who love to read and then extract relevant information from the post that matters to them. This has given rise to niche targeting; a concept that encourages breaking down target audience into smaller bunches based on some similar characteristic like age, gender or any other relevant factor. This allows the creation of more personalized to target smaller segments of society.   

How this has impacted architects and their personal branding

The evolution of content marketing has had an effect on many different fields of marketing and personal Branding of architects is one of the most important of these. Architects are individuals that are known on the basis of their work and art that is not judged collectively.

This means that for them personal branding is one of the most essential elements that help them show their skills to the world and in turn attract clients for various projects. With the evolution of marketing in general and content marketing in particular, their methods for advertising and using digital mediums for personal branding have also changed.

Content types that are most effective

The types of content that generate the greatest amount of interests for interior designers and architects have now become ones that cater to audiences on a smaller scale and answer the queries that they have on certain subjects. People are no longer interested in reading About generic topics that talk about tips and tricks in which a certain job is done because a lot of that is already available on the internet. What they require now is for someone to answer their specific questions and clear their ambiguities. Here are a few types of these posts:

Thought provoking posts

Try to position yourself as a thought leader. Generate content that urges people to think and perceive common things differently. Breaking stereotypes and giving people a new perspective opens them up to the idea of looking at the world in a different light.

The person who inspires these ideas is held in quite a high regard and people actually look up to them for motivation and inspiration. This creates a persona that allows you to introduce new ideas and concepts quite effectively.  

Special projects and collaborations

This is another twist to a simple concept that is also gaining popularity and that is influencer marketing. People take inspiration from certain organizations and individuals for various reasons. Having these personalities vouch for you or collaborate with you in any way can also earn you good rapport with their following. This is an opportunity to target new audiences and build new relationships.

Answering customer queries

We’ve brushed upon this aspect earlier. Consumers have loads of queries that they post on different forums. Even the comments sections for already published blog posts are interesting avenues to find consumer questions. These questions have genuine queries that people have and want to answer. These are the topics that they are willing to read long posts on and it is one of the hottest trends in content marketing.   

Interactive and personal communication

The concept of targeting smaller segments is highlighted here because consumers in general love when they are spoken to on a personal level. They like the feeling of being appreciated and given importance to. It makes them feel special and they give credence to people who make this possible.

In the end, it is safe to say that content marketing is still very much alive although the ways in which it is done have changed. If you can keep up with these modified ways, then you can create effective personal branding for yourself that lasts a long time.

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