Cultivate Creativity and Innovation: How they Help Brands Grow

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation are vital for brand success. In order to stand apart from the thousands of other brands competing for your audience, you need to think outside the box! Many companies have risen to corporate stardom due to these two factors. Companies such as Apple, Nike, and Amazon have experienced success mainly due to focusing on constant innovation and creativity. 

Both creativity and innovation are important for corporate success in today’s cutthroat competitive environment. In this post, we will look at the meaning of the two terms in the context of gaining a competitive advantage. Also, we will take a look at how they help brands grow and create an unmatched user experience. 

Creativity and Innovation Defined

Creativity is the process of generating new ideas. It is an interdigitation of curiosity and imagination. The greater the curiosity and imagination, the more patterns and ideas will be generated. Two critical components of creativity are:

  • The process 
  • The people 

The people are the resources through which creativity is achieved, while the process refers to work practices that encourage people to think creatively. The process is goal-oriented and designed to encourage people to look at problems from different angles and discover new trends and solutions. 

Creating a Creative Culture for Innovation

Creative culture results in a work environment where bits and pieces are collected and assembled in new ways. Ideas are analyzed and evaluated through unorthodox thinking. 

The best example of a creative culture is the “20% time policy” in Google, through which employees are encouraged to spend about one-fifth of their time on projects that could result in the discovery of new processes and products. 

Innovation is built on the bedrock of creative culture. It requires experimentation, discovery, and a portfolio of practical innovative ideas. The new ideas are evaluated to find out their practical relevance. 

Money is invested in developing innovative solutions that can improve brand image, reduce ambiguity, and bring windfall returns for the company. 

The outcome of creativity is the innovation that helps propel a company to the heights of branding success. 

Innovation results from connecting the dots and generating a practical solution to problems. You can think of creativity as the foundation that makes innovation possible. Without a creative culture, innovation is not possible.  

As a business leader, brand owner, or manager, you must focus on hiring a band of creative people. Your key focus should be on creating a culture of creativity. You need to give broader discretion to your employees in carrying out their work. Also, you need to connect with creative agencies to become aware of sound creative strategies that can be turned into innovative solutions.

No matter what industry you’re in, your company will benefit from creativity and innovation. How do yoga studios lure their members and keep them loyal? They try unique class structures, beautifully designed spaces, and implement things like music or sound healing to give a different user experience than other studios in their area.  

Now that you clearly know what is creativity and innovation, let’s turn our attention to their benefits on building brands. 

Benefits of Creativity and Innovation in Brand Building

A research carried out by Forrester Consulting had found that nearly 82 percent of companies believe that there is a strong connection between business results and creativity. Also, an innovation that results from creativity positively influences the brand image. 

Companies that constantly churn out innovative products inspire customers and create a unique brand image. They are able to command high profits due to their commitment to bringing innovative products to customers. 

Differentiate Your Brand

A company that focuses on innovation in a creative environment is able to build a unique differentiation point. In the backdrop of globalization and increased competition, differentiation is not just optional but essential for the success of a brand. 

Differentiation is essential in making your brand grow. The market is bigger than ever. In this ultra-competitive environment, only companies that constantly innovate will be able to build a lasting brand that survives generations. 

Embracing creativity and innovation is essential to propelling forward and making your brand stand out from the crowd. It will help you to strengthen the customer value proposition and make your offering more attractive than the competitors.

Earn Premium for Innovation

Companies that release an innovative product in the market are able to gain a first-mover advantage. Most customers are willing to pay a premium for products that are unique and not a copy of competitors. 

Arguably, the success of a brand today depends on financial performance. How well-off a company is will determine whether the brand will live on for decades. Innovation can keep a brand alive for years. Through premium pricing, a company will be able to generate economic results. This will allow a company to keep bringing innovative products to the market. This will result in an improved financial position and increased customer loyalty. 

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Gain Trust of Customers

Companies that foster a culture of creativity are able to continuously bring new products to the market. This helps in creating a brand image of a trusting and considerate company. People are attracted to a company that commits itself to bring new products frequently and quickly to the market. 

The first-mover advantage allows a company to not just reap financial rewards but also position itself as a reliable company. Constant innovation will make customers believe in your enterprise. 


A company needs to focus on creativity and innovation to survive and thrive in this competitive environment. Executives need to craft a strategy that creates an environment of innovation. They need to give employees flexibility and freedom to make the connection and discover new ideas. 

The fact is no idea will be an overnight success. Every idea can’t be translated into breakthrough innovation. Business owners need to be comfortable with failures. They need to accept that for every success there will be 10 or more failures. 

Creativity needs to be rewarded to inspire individuals to pursue new ideas and concepts. A successful brand today needs to constantly reinvent and generate new products. It needs to keep introducing innovative products in order to keep customers satisfied and excited. 

Creating a successful brand through innovation requires a lot of planning and risk-taking. Entrepreneurs need to realize the link between creativity, innovation, and branding success. Without understanding this crucial link, a company will not be able to succeed. The company will reach the heights of branding success only once it makes creativity and innovation its priority.  

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Cultivate Creativity and Innovation: How they Help Brands Grow

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