Design and Branding Classes for Modern Entrepreneurs

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I created the concept of FLOCK years ago with my previous business, Paper Cut Industries. Now, I’m bringing it back to life. There are so many modern entrepreneurs out there that I want to help. FLOCK will offer a variety of classes for modern entrepreneurs ranging from design (like creating your own graphics for your website or blog), to branding & social media. These will be in person classes & will eventually be available online. The locations will vary depending on class size. I will be teaming up with people along the way & we will be having fun doing it. Stay tuned as I share more about this venture & when the website goes live!


What to know more about the basics of creating a design? I often hear people feeling discouraged because they want to blog & make it look good. They want to add fun graphics & just really give it some personality per post, but don’t have the funds to pay a designer. I noticed that some blogs really lack any identity of who the blog belongs to & other blogs are just way fun! Don’t you wish you knew how to do THAT!?


What about branding? If you are well on your way to starting or having a business but you want to know more about having a solid brand or the basics of having a business, these classes are for you! No more feeling overwhelmed scouring the web looking for answers. This is going to be a fun process & you will feel so motivated to take your business to the next level.

Ok I'm Listenting

OK I'm listening

I am going to be offering several classes teaching design for modern entrepreneurs & branding workshops to get you going. Yup! So much to cover that I know you will find a class that works for you.


Do I Have Your Attention Now?

The whole weekend will be fun, promise! You will be taking away a bag of goodies & some fresh skills to add your own flair to your blog. The workshop will start with the importance of branding. Yup, it’s that important! We will discuss aspects of a successful blog & social media.


What would you like to learn?

FIRST: I want to know, what would you specifically like to learn? I can think of a million things to share & teach but if you have something in mind, please, let me know!

Interested In Being A Sponsor

SECOND: Calling all makers! If you are interested in being a sponsor I would love to hear from you. Again, each class will not be more than 20 students. Food, desserts, jewelry, studio space, stickers, flowers, all sorts of goodies! If you think you could be a good match, contact me at [email protected], & we can discuss the collaboration.


I can’t wait to share all this design & branding goodness with you. Send me an email with any questions at [email protected] I can’t wait to hear from you! -xx

Monica Garrett of Margaux Design Studio

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