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Facebook group marketing

Your business might probably be active across a Facebook group or two, right? But have you considered Facebook marketing to potential prospects on Facebook group for getting results for your business? Probably not, because most marketers tend to overlook this avenue. 

Most businesses don’t think about the importance of groups on Facebook because they aren’t sure of the benefits that can come through this niche. Facebook groups might take some time before promising some returns to you. But those returns can help your brand interact more and rank well in the eyes of consumers. 

Facebook groups are, however, not all about creating a group with your brand name and adding every one of your customers to it. The group does not need to be about you. Instead, the limelight should be on your customers. Don’t have a group where you can spam people with your business links without any integral value to them. 

Let’s look at some ways you can create a killer Facebook group and use it to increase the brand promise of your business. Follow these strategies and perhaps you’ll get more than what you bargained for.

Provide Value to Customers 

Your Facebook group should be all about providing value to customers and making them feel special. The group should reward customers for their loyalty and should create a community for like-minded followers. The group can be exclusive for people who have recently purchased your products, services or are interested in purchasing. It can also act as a platform to list down all upcoming sales and promotions. 

Your Facebook group should be all about providing value to customers and making them feel special. The group should reward customers for their loyalty and should create a community for like-minded followers. The group can be… Click To Tweet

You can send emails to all current customers to help them in the on-boarding process. The group should also be to take feedback and questions from your customers. Then, you should have customer service representatives available on a daily basis. Your reps should immediately respond to customer reservations. 

You can further leverage the group to gather feedback from recurring customers so that you can use testimonials as a marketing resource as well.

Discuss Current Events 

You can also create a social media group to discuss the current happenings in the business environment related to you. If you own a photography studio, you can share the latest innovations from the world of cameras. Your customers can use the group to share some of their own photos and get some accurate feedback from you. There is a reason why people have fun getting their food rated by Gordon Ramsey on social media. First, he’s an expert, and second, he has a community of followers on Twitter. 

While you don’t have to roast everyone like Ramsey does. You can still get a fair following by being critical of the photos posted on the platform.  Your members can discuss the latest happenings and create a social community where they aren’t being judged like they are on their regular social media timelines. 

Build Your Community 

Always remember that the group does not need to be about you; instead, it should be about the customers you are serving. Your customers need undivided attention, and the group should be a platform for that. There are numerous groups on the internet that provide great value to customers, you can replicate such a group as well to make sure that your customers benefit by being part of your Facebook community. 

Allow your users to ask questions and answer their queries. This will help you establish a position as a thought leader.

Include Influencers 

Your influencers or brand ambassadors need to be part of the mix when you are creating your own social media group. The influencer needs to represent your cause well, as they will help rope in consumer interest and attention towards your community. 

By having your influencer present in the group as many hours as possible, you would be giving customers a reason to join the group. The influencer should interact with your customers on a routine basis. You can also have a sponsored meet-and-greet event that is planned on the group itself. This way, all members from the group can meet the influencer in person and enjoy some face time together.

Members of the group can also be rewarded for their interaction levels. For instance, if a member is interacting more than others, they should be given a small incentive such as a free coupon or a great discount to an event. The incentive should be broadcasted across the group to keep others in touch as well. 

Promote Events  

We cannot talk much about how important a Facebook group can be for the promotion of your events. Social media is perfect for promoting events around you, and a Facebook group can augment that cause even further. 

You can market your events on social media and make a discussion thread on your group. Create anticipate and excitement within your members by telling them about all the things they can expect by coming to the event. Tell them how it benefits them rather than how it benefits you. 

Strengthen your Team 

Facebook groups can also be used to strengthen the team that’s working for you. If you have remote employees coming from a diverse background, a dedicated Facebook group can do a good job of getting them together and building strong communication links. Keep the environment casual so people can feel freer to express themselves.

There are numerous ways to use a Facebook group for your business. However, the key takeaway here is to find ways that will keep all group members active and in touch with each other. Your ultimate aim is to make your group as interactive as possible, which is why it is imperative that you have a feasible environment for everyone to participate. 

If you need help connecting with your target market, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Margaux Agency team. Using our experience and experience, we will help you formulate a social media marketing strategy that aligns with your company goals. 

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Facebook group marketing

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