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5 Digital Marketing Trends for a Fruitful Year


5 Digital Marketing Trends to Focus on for a Fruitful Year

Traditional marketing adhered to this principle and so does digital marketing. The concept has gained immense popularity quite rapidly since the advent of social media but still contrary to popular belief. It’s not random things that go viral and general results for their creators. It is all about creating content that resonates with the target audience in a manner that they feel attracted to it unintentionally.

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With the rapid growth in the field of digital marketing, the developments and evolution have been equally drastic. Every now and then there are changes happening to the dynamics of digital marketing and individuals and businesses have to be on their toes in order to realize and take measures in accordance to stay relevant.

Trends change regularly which is why it is important for all of us to keep tabs on them because they are a depiction of what the final consumers like and are attracted towards. To bring you up to speed we have compiled a list of the hottest digital marketing trends for 2018.

Going Mobile

Marketers are investing 51% of their budgets on mobile ads and other cell phone friendly activities because according to statistics. The revenues from mobile ads alone are expected to hit about $66 billion in 2018 worldwide. These numbers are evidence enough to support the fact that mobiles are one of the most lucrative marketing mediums because of the amount of time people spend on them.

Recent studies have suggested that the average person spends almost a third of their entire day on a mobile phone. This has been largely due to the introduction of smartphones that allow users to perform almost any function that they would have required a desktop or a laptop for, on their mobile phones.

Most digital marketers have already gone mobile and those that haven’t been planning to take the leap due to the fact that the market shows promise. 2018 is expected to be a great year for the move towards smartphone marketing because of the growing penetration of these devices and the popularity that they are have gained amongst the masses.  

Informative Marketing

Marketing has changed quite considerably over the years. Google once used typical keywords to highlight and rank websites in search results. However, over the years their approach has changed. With the most recent release of their ranking algorithm, the search engine has shifted its focus towards quality and value. Now results are provided and ranked in terms of the amount of relevant information that they provide the consumers with. This means that it is a precursor to the rise of informative marketing.

Consumers are generally attracted to content that solves their daily issues and problems. Studies have shown that consumer question-based blogs are one of the most popular because they enrich the lives of the readers with things that they are looking for. As a result, marketers put more and more muscle behind solving consumer problems instead of simply marketing their products and services.

Feedbacks & Reviews

Another digital marketing trend that can be said to be have been derived from informative marketing, is of obtaining feedbacks and reviews. Influencer marketing also becomes a part of this trend because these people and elements are the ones that have a considerable impact on consumer purchase decisions so when they provide reviews and positive feedback about your product or service. The people that follow them, tend to turn their attention towards you as well. This is extremely beneficial for marketing and eventual generating revenue.

Although this trend has been around for quite some time it is expected to stay strong throughout the year. Reviews from peers and loved ones have always influenced consumer purchase decisions because, with the amount of competition and almost similar kinds of products to choose from, this is one of the easiest ways to decide what to opt for. As a result, marketers know the place that they need to focus their efforts on.

Content creation

Quality content creation can mean a world of difference in digital marketing and this is why it made the list of trending tools for the year 2018. Reports have indicated that creative content can boost traffic towards blogs by a staggering 2000%. Blogs, in turn, contribute to SEO and this can have an impact on website traffic. As a result, content allows greater people to be attracted to your digital marketing efforts making it another strong trend for this year.

Content is not limited to just blogs but it accounts for all kinds of things that are part of a website. These include images, infographics, videos, tutorials, reviews etc. The more the content enriches the lives of the consumer, the greater its value and the greater will be its benefits.


Videos are one of the most important and strongest trends that we’re seeing this year. This form of visual content is expected to dominate the digital waves with an incredible 80% share. Even Facebook has said that within five years time almost all of their content will be videos. Glimpses of this are visible already as you scroll through your news feed on a daily basis. Almost 1 in every third post is a video of some sort.

Consumers love the concept of videos because they believe that they are considerably more informative and effective in getting the message across than any other means of communication. Videos give a real-time explanation of how a certain thing works or looks in real life. Even if it is a tutorial or a review, a whiteboard video or just a simple description by a person is substantially more attractive to consumers in contrast to text.

These trends allow marketers to rethink their digital marketing strategies for this year and give them the opportunity to integrate more relevant methods in order to attract consumers. It is a survival of the fittest out there and in order to make it, everyone has to evolve and adapt or else, extinction is in sight for them too!




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