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How Fitness Brands Can Make Black Friday Successful

Are you struggling to figure out how you advertise, promote, or even put together Black Friday for your fitness business, gym, or studio this year? Eager to learn how fitness brands can make Black Friday successful?

You’re not alone. This year has every fitness business owner scrambling to figure out effective and safe ways to solidify their relationship with their existing customers and get new ones (despite not being able to operate at full capacity).

Simply put, 2020 is a year that we’ve never experienced before, so your Black Friday promotions will be the same. Margaux Agency is here to help you redefine your purpose and strategy for Black Friday and help make it a success.

You’ll learn valuable tips and tricks to help market your Black Friday. We even feature a calendar cheat sheet to keep you on track to hit those business goals! See? We got your back!

1. Get New Fitness Customer With High-End Offers

Your fitness gym or studio is most likely at capacity and you’re struggling to get new customers in the door because of waitlists that are hunkering down gym access. Despite this gym and fitness studio road bump, you’ll still want to attract new customers as well as keeping your loyal ones! Send those Black Friday shoppers a high-end, personalized package deal such as:

  • 6 Week Training + Fitness Plans
  • 1 on 1 Personal Training Deals
  • Discounts on Retreats
  • Small-Group Program Specials

2. Your Virtual Membership Is Your Simplest Low Ticket Discount

Your virtual studio has become your main attraction for the last 8 months, and it’s going to be the easiest thing to offer a deal on! When offering a deal on your virtual membership, think big picture, like a free week trial but then a heavily discounted 12 month or 24-month membership offering. This gives your customer a sweet deal, at the comfort of home, while also locking them in for the long haul.

3. Try Hybrid Black Friday Specials

Many people struggle with making up their minds, so nip that in the bud by offering a hybrid membership option! Not only will your customers feel satisfied with the flexibility, but it will also accommodate a larger group of potential customers who may be on the fence. Take a small percentage off a combo in-person & virtual membership offering.

4. Retail Is Reliable to Be Successful

With many retailers closed and production being stifled due to the pandemic, it’s important to have Black Friday serve as the Fall/Winter release for your retail items. Showcase and promote your items like it’s New York Fashion Week, but without breaking the bank!

Offer staggered discount offers for multiple items such as “Buy One, Get One 50% Off” or “Buy 2 Get One Free” to inspire larger purchases.

To get savvy with your social following, you could offer special promotions or discounts if you ask social media followers to tag you in their photos repping your merchandise. Free publicity for you + building brand loyalty with followers = a successful marketing tactic!

Now, you don’t need to deploy all of these Black Friday marketing methods. You can start with one or heck, try all 3. We just want to inspire you with creative and effective tips that will ensure the success of your gym, studio, or fitness business by leveraging the power of digital marketing.

Here is an example of what these tips can look like in action:

High-End Offer:

  • 1 on 1 Personal Training Starting
  • January 1. Normally $60/hour. Now $30/hour

Virtual Offer:

  • Try 1 Week Free, Get 12 Months for 60% Off Normal Price

Hybrid Offer:

  • 15% Off Flexible Combo Class Offer

Retail Reward:

  • Buy One, Get One 40% Off
  • 30% Of All Leggings All Weekend Long
  • 50% Off, Get One Free

Ultimate Marketing Checklist for Health & Fitness Marketing

Let’s Get You Hitting The Ground Runnin’

With Black Friday and Cyber Weekend tips like these, your sales will boost to new heights – pandemic or no pandemic! The key to how fitness brands can make Black Friday successful, much like a strong body, is to be flexible and resilient. We know the last few months have been difficult, but with resources like digital marketing and technology, we can find creative solutions to keep our businesses up and running.

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