How to Become a Recognizable Brand in the Beauty Industry


How to Become a Recognizable Brand in the Beauty Industry

Today we are going to talk about the problems faced by the entrepreneurs in the beauty product industry. Beauty industry entrepreneurs are often on a journey to start a new product line or rebrand their existing products.

Let’s assume that you have done an insane amount of planning on the business and your new awesome idea and are ready to get your hands dirty and do some designing and implementation.


Here are some helpful  steps to get  started:



This phase involves a lot of elements like:

  • Stock Keeping Units (SKUs): How many SKU’s do you have? If there are too many? Then it is not smart to redesign every single one of them. Focus on the best among the bunch and know how each one of them relates to the other. This way you can group them to make your task easy. For example, one SKU could be lipsticks. 
  • Copywriting: After naming the SKUs, it’s time to move on to naming each one in the group. You can also assign different product information to them. In the example of lipsticks, you will then have Hot Mama Red, Easy Peachy, etc. 
  • Product Information: This should include product specifications like size, texture, fit, and material to name a few. This is important for brand positioning and therefore very important before beginning the design process.
  • Logo Design: The logo is one of the most important elements of the brand and its use matters the most. Your package design will be directly influenced by it. So it’s best to explore them together.



Create a website that tells your brand story. Incorporate what you think fashion is including all your stories that made you see it that way.

  • Sitemap + wireframes: This is the map layout of your website. You want to have a map to guide visitors on where to go! Yes, you need to direct them. This will direct your content objectives with the technology that is to be used to make that content visible in the best possible manner.
  • Design: After doing lots of research on your target market and current trends, you will need to develop a unique client experience starting with the first visit to your website. How the website is designed should be very thought out. The design process is a very subjective experience that can sometimes require an overwhelming effort.
  • Custom Photography: This is an integral part of this process that should be carried out in a curated way with the big picture of your brand in mind.
  • Development: Make sure that you have finalized the overall design before beginning the programming. Don’t be pressurized by time to release the key pages as it will cost you money if you will want to change them.
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You can include marketing campaigns like social media marketing, explainer videos, educational tools, and outreach campaigns to encourage and enhance your two primary touch points: packaging and website.



When you think the time is ripe and you are ready to launch your brand, we advise you to keep in mind why you started this project and marketing campaign in the first place. You should keep coming back to your target audience and revisit the message you are trying to convey. The needs keep changing, and even if they don’t the trends change. Change is the only constant thing and you should embrace new trends with open arms. This will assist you in planning your roadmap on how and when should you publicize your new brand.



Launching a new brand and maintaining its value, or making it achieve greater heights is an unending endeavor. Sometimes, you may feel your marketing strategy is not as fruitful as it should be, don’t lose heart, have confidence in yourself and your brand. It’s ok if a promotional campaign doesn’t turn out well, all you need to do is to stay focused and improvise. When you know what’s not working, sideline it and put your heart and soul in figuring out what will.

Where are you in your branding process? Once you achieve your goals, you will be one more success story to inspire others. Let us know if you need some help. 


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