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Why Instagram Stories Are Important for Your Business

Instagram Stories for Business

The world of marketing has become interactive and more wholesome. If you haven’t tried the latest innovations in the world of marketing, we would like to welcome you to the 21st century and show you the innovations present in Instagram marketing. 

Instagram, which originated as a picture-only social media handle, has become a favorite for brands that want to engage their clients. The latest innovation of stories within Instagram has made it even more interesting, as brands and customers can use this to facilitate more interaction.

With the use of Instagram stories for business, you can share all that you want about your brand. You can easily make the content both interactive and attractive. 

If your brand has been living under a stone and hasn’t yet advanced into the world of Instagram marketing, we would like to welcome you. Here’s why some of the reasons why Instagram stories are the next big thing for your brand. 

Follow along and let’s make the most out of your social media marketing campaign.

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Interact With Your Audience 

Instagram stories give you a purposeful and unique method to interact with your audience. Not only can you show your content to the audience you are already catering to, but you can also reach a new audience based on the customer interests within the market. 

Your Instagram stories might last for only 24 hours, but the advantage with them is that everyone on the handle can see these stories. The stories are not limited to just your followers, as you can build your current audience and add new followers as well. 

You can make these stories even more interactive by asking questions from your followers, and sharing some of the product details related to your organization. You can also use the interest that customers show on your Instagram handle, to drive up traffic to your website. Instagram has this fancy new feature that allows pages to add swipe-up links to their web pages, once they have crossed 10k followers. This feature allows you to leverage the interest in your Instagram stories and make sure that you can monetize it through your website traffic and lead generation. 

Repurpose Content 

Instagram stories can be a good way to repurpose content that did well elsewhere. If you had a blog idea that did really well, you can repurpose it through Instagram stories from time to time. Such campaigns have higher chances of success since you already know that your consumers will like based on how they responded towards it on another platform. 

Repurposing content is a must for social media marketing, as you need to have the right skills for catering your content to all the different social media platforms. You can post all the good photos and content ideas from your blog and Facebook to your Instagram.

Maintain Visibility 

It can be easy for customers to forget about you if you aren’t making yourself visible in front of them often. A customer will only remember your brand if there is constant repetition and when they have reason enough to remember the name. 

You can come up with new ideas to make sure that the customers aren’t getting bored with the kind of content that you have trending on your social media handle. For instance, if you run and manage a restaurant, you can post pictures of your finished products alongside pictures of all the food being made. Post videos and pictures of your best selling items if you’d like to present your brand in the best way.

Achieve Transparency 

If you are selling merchandise, producing goods, or working in the hospitality business, you need to give customers a behind-the-scenes scoop into what happens behind their back. You can use the feature for Instagram stories to post pictures of your production team at work, handling activities behind the scene. 

If you run a food business, post videos of your kitchen when there is a particularly hot day with a lot of buzz around the hotel. Show everyone at work, trying to achieve the right mix of quality with speed. This will not only help improve the image that customers have of your business but will also help you formulate the right amount of trust and transparency. 

For Real-Time Marketing 

Instagram stories for business are perfect for real-time marketing. Trade shows, food festivals, and other activities are common for most businesses. While you keep attending all of these events, it is up to you to ensure that your viewers are updated with all that is happening around you. 

Keep posting regular stories of the audience that is visiting your stall, and how you are showing your brand promise and capabilities at the event. Also, have an interactive, exciting activity in place to make sure that viewers watch your stories. 

Have a small 10 or 20 percent discount for all viewers that read a code that has been updated through your Instagram story. This would make customers want to read that code and, in turn, watch all of your Instagram stories. 

Instagram Stories Ads 

Instagram stories ads make it even better for organizations to reach the target audience they want in a more sponsored manner. You can either pull the audience towards you in a generic manner or reach them through sponsored means such as Instagram story ads. These ads will position you in the target audience of your choice and will help you get their interest towards your offerings. You can also make sure that your ads are relevant for the people you are targeting. 

There is so much happening in the world of Instagram, with changes coming every month.  We know Instagram marketing can be incredibly overwhelming. Let us know how we can help you get started or manage your business Instagram for you. It’s what we do and it’s what we love.

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