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The Margaux Agency is putting our personal spin on advertising. We are a Digital Marketing Agency in Long Beach CA that focuses on getting your brand recognized. By leveraging digital marketing tools we create a strategy that is specific to your business goals. Each campaign gets our undivided attention.

The right approach.

Digital marketing tools are only as effective as the way they are used. Many business owners and digital marketing agencies make the mistake of using the marketing tools that are available in quantity not in quality with the hopes that simply flooding the market will draw attention. The truth is you want results that are focused on bringing your specific audience to you. Not all traffic is good traffic. If you are getting 100’s of hits every day but those hits are not converting, it is not exactly what you should consider results. It is not enough to drive the traffic, you must drive the “right” traffic. Using digital marketing tools to attract your specific base is just the better way to use your advertising dollars.

Digital Marketing

At the Margaux Agency, we are committed to helping you get the brand recognition that you need to grow your business so we offer services that are personalized to draw your target audience that is ready to become customers. We prepare a strategy that is personalized to your business goals using:

  • Social Media Advertising
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Creation

You can depend on Margaux Agency to provide you with the strategies that will draw in the audience that offers the best returns for your business. From brand recognition to website design to engaging content Margaux Agency has the solutions that get results. Contact us or a consultation!

OC Restaurant Association LOGO


Monica created all the branding and logos for my business. She is extremely business and marketing minded and asked all sorts of questions like “What type of client are you trying to attract? What was your favorite client to work with? Who is your target audience?” Once she knew what type of customer I was looking for, she was able to create a logo and look for my business that was conducive with the products and services that I offer. She created the graphics for our business cards, signage, and website. She’s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to search engine optimization and getting a website top ranking which takes a while, but yes, the process does work and you can get to the SEO you need to get noticed.  Definitely top notch and great to work with!


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