Margaux Agency | Top UX Designers in Orange County
Top UX Designers in Orange County

At the Margaux Agency, we specialize in providing hand-crafted marketing solutions for a variety of industries. We want to thank our clients who have let us share their story and elevate their online presence. Through great appreciate for every one of our clients we look forward to more opportunities to do so! The Margaux Agency has landed us the title as one of the Top UX Designers in Orange County, CA by Clutch, a ratings and review site. 


Margaux Agency | Top UX Designers in Orange County

We have climbed to the top of the Orange County marketing game by consistently producing innovative work. Then we in turn deliver the results our clients seek.

But we don’t just work in UX design and marketing. Our digital marketing services including branding, SEO, social media management, web design.

Leo’s Meals, a gourmet meal prep service for the greater Los Angeles Area, came to us for a new website design and marketing strategy. After developing a marketing strategy, we created a custom eCommerce website specifically for Leo’s Meals. 

Our creative design refreshed the presentation of the company and gave Leo’s Meals a unique edge. One of the many reasons Clutch names Margaux Agency Top UX Designers in Orange County!

“The Margaux Agency created an amazing website and an awesome social media campaign to launch it for us. We will confidently use their services for more marketing support.”


Another one of our recent clients was a consultant firm, Social Smarts Media. They help businesses compete and thrive in online spaces.

We launched a new, vibrant website for Social Smarts Media which aligned their identity with their company values and voice. The user experience is simple, fun, and sleek to create a cohesive, captivating brand.

Margaux Agency Top UX Designer & Naming Company

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