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The Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Build a Lead Generating Website

TODAY, when we talk about websites, we use the terms lead or traffic because they matter (they do for now at least)! And, then we graduate to talking about lead generating websites.  Websites face a tough competition on the internet because let’s face it, everyone is able to build a website in a matter of hours. How to build a lead generating website is the question. 

Let’s breakdown the steps to building a lead generating website.



Anyone owning a particular business, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, a web-based company, B2B companies.  

Ever since globalization, the need for a website became paramount to turn a business into a virtual asset. Lead generation is the process by which people using the internet become your potential clients because ‘we live in the digital era’.  


What feast of the eye are you offering for your visitors?

First and foremost in your plan to build a lead generating website is the color pattern of your website. No one gets impressed with a dull looking or too flashy graphics. Brand imaging through color context is a harmonious way to say a thousand words without displaying anything extra, anywhere!  Depending on your website’s purpose and target, choose relevant colors wisely to color code the website (on every single page). When you maintain the sync of colors, your dart hits the bullseye right from the start. You save time, money, and efforts. Let your visitors have some feast for their eyes to halt and look!


Where are your social credentials?

You may have a large number of customers in the real world but if you are the ‘Ghost of Canterville’ online, then wake up from your slumber. Social media presence is the ‘iron throne’ at present. Use all the social media tools & strategies necessary to mark your presence online. Your links/posts on social media should lead visitors directly to your website.  

Next, the visitor must be able to contact you via both your social media page or through your website. Your site should display in detail about – how to reach you, your availability, services offered, and your market position. Do this & add relevant imagery, photos, videos, vlogs, and testimonials to make it more appealing and vivid. Once you have achieved the essentials, success follows. When you relate to customer’s issues in a trustworthy manner you gain mouth publicity too. Your earned social credentials pay you in the long run and you become a brand easily.

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Just how user-friendly is your website?

Unless you own a Dark Web’s site, get rid of an outdated rigid website experience for god’s sake! Your potential visitors may convert into a lead if your site’s maneuverability is impressive. Users or visitors can’t engage on the website, if there are unwanted pop-up notes every two minutes or if there is a dearth of direct or explicit information. Your services must be clear to the visitor and your sleek website body must exemplify it. Intuitive and responsive, your website should be a balance of being not too pushy yet driving sales for you.

If you want to build a lead generating website, speedy navigation through the landing pages of the site is essential. Apparently, it makes it transparent and clear enough for your visitors to scroll the site’s pages effortlessly. For example, according to an eye-tracking study, the natural eye path starts in the upper left-hand corner of a website and moves on from there in an F-pattern. Designing your website to target that area is as responsible for generating leads or sales. Easy to operate in different mediums of usage (e.g on a smartphone) adds more credibility.


Why CTA must not be ignored!!

Converting leads into potential clients is not a self-driven process. Make it your priority to set tests, forms and call-to-action buttons (such as lists, free tips, signup forms, e-books, etc) on your landing pages. Additionally, there must be a call for primary or secondary actions on these landing pages to ensure user engagement to generate potential leads. What to do on what page must be self-explanatory and be recorded as data for further decisions.

Tests are mandatory! But have a room for building tools too if tests become tedious or cumbersome. Forms become a wonderful memento when future clients take up tests or sign up & share their information hoping to not get bugged in any intrusive manner respectively. Content is always the king, like always! And when you know when to put that king into use, you must design the specifics to ensure lead generation organically too (buying lead generation is a bad idea though!). Content is the key when CTA plays its part.


When you need to watch out for SEO!

Keywords and relevant phrases with superb content will definitely make your website rank amongst the top searched materials provided you know when to strike the bird’s eye.  The more clear and informative your website is, the more chances are of it being in the top search results. But, do not forget to partner-up with trusted SEO software to get a head start, always!

To build a lead generating website is not child’s play. It demands equal attention to your existing marketing efforts in the online world of conducting business. Performing enhanced inbound marketing strategy, escalating your business to unexplored Zeniths, creating leads to sustain in the virtual market is what lead generating websites are all about.  When every page of your website serves its distinctive purpose and incorporated into the bigger picture of solidifying your business roots firmly, then remember you had toiled hard on lead generating websites by the sweat of your brow!

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