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Are blogs necessary for your website? Yes! Have they become outdated? No! We’ve compiled our notes on how to write a good blog post for you. 

Blogs are quite literally one of the most innovative and interactive methods to communicate with your target audience. Not only are you giving them a chance to get the information they desire, but you’re also allowing them to know more about what you do within this information. 

Will blogging ever get outdated? We don’t think so. The way blogs are curated and the value they provide customers goes to suggest that they’ll never run out of value. However, the competition out there is ever increasing. To keep up, you need to make sure that your blog strategy and your blog posts are spot-on for you to be able to monetize the benefits. In short, the nail needs to be hit right on the coffin so that your blog posts are able to deliver the kind of results that you expect out of them. 

The Content Marketing Institute has found that over 60 percent of all organizations have a written blog strategy.  However, not many out of these 60 percent can boast of having a strategy that is congruent with their aims. More often than not, organizations can miss the spot with their blog posts and end up with a blog strategy that is miles apart from what they would like to do and the image they’d like to give off. 

We know the confusion that can come with crafting a blog strategy. After some trial and error, we put together some tips you can follow while making your own blog content strategy. Follow this strategy to get the best out of your blog content with a goal to achieve both eye traffic and consumer interest. 

Define Your Goal 

What do you want to achieve with your blog campaign? It is best to have a defined and clear goal with you so that you’re never short of options when it comes to your blog strategy. 

Having a pre-defined strategy with you can help you get the most out of your blog posts. Moreover, the processes you follow for your blog posts and the ideas you talk about will differ based on the goal you have in mind. For instance, if your aim is to get good monetization out of your blog post then you would obviously want to write about topics that are popular or viral. However, if your strategy is to increase traffic and generate substantial leads for your business, then you can be a bit pushier in your efforts. 

Perform Target Market Research 

Target market research is extremely important before starting your own blog. Based on the goal you want to achieve above, you will have a basic target market in mind. And by target market we mean the market you would want to cater your content to. 

Now, with that target market in mind, you can start your target market research. Know what your target market likes reading about and the kind of content that is needed to push them over. The strategies will soon flow in perspective if you have this information readily available. 

Topic Ideas and Keywords 

This is a systematic process, which is why it will be hard for you to get to identify your topic ideas and your keywords if you haven’t yet identified the answers to the questions above. 

Once you have done the research on your target market, you can go on to identifying the topic ideas and keywords that you should target. 

Obviously, the keywords should be well-crafted so that you rank well on Google and are able to get the attention of your consumers and readers. Additionally, you would want topic ideas to be helpful and useful. After all, your blog posts will often be answers to problems people are searching for, such as “what are the best things to put in a salad?”

Don’t put the spotlight on yourself, but make sure that it is on the reader. Don’t tell what you want to tell, but rather tell what your readers want to read. The key here is to talk less about yourself and more about what the readers want to know. With the right strategy in place, you will soon see a rise within your traffic. That’s from more and more people will make their way towards your website as your helpful information caught their eye. 

A Regular Calendar 

Having a regular content calendar can be effective for maintaining monotonous progression with your blogs. Losing your passage can be extremely easy if you don’t have a regular calendar with you. With a regular calendar and periodic updates, you can keep giving your readers and customers the updates they want to listen to. 

Build Amazing Content 

You have your target market in mind, you know who you are writing for, you have an idea of the keywords you need to target and you have a content calendar at hand. All you need now is amazing content in the form of well thought out blog posts. And, how do you that? Well, we have you covered. 

Steps on Writing an Amazing Blog 

Follow these steps to create a catchy and compelling blog for your target readers. 


How long does it take to write a blog post of 500 words? 2 hours? 3 hours? We think a good blog post requires substantial planning and thinking that can take up to 2 weeks as well. Think before you write and get the best results online. 

Writing Great Headlines 

We cannot emphasize enough on how important the headline is. A good blog title should keep readers interested and hooked for a read. A good headline example is like the one we have written here. It covers everything that we’re writing about within this article and is quite precise. It’s written in a way that shows it can answer a question many people would have, which is “how to write a good blog post?”. 

Write Well 

Your sentences should flow well, and you should put in images where required. Don’t force images as they only look good when they’re placed naturally. Don’t fall for the common misconception that images can spice up your content. If you do place images, make sure that they are congruent with the message of the blog. 

So, now that you know how to create a blog strategy and you know the ins and outs of how to write a good blog post — it’s time to get writing! 


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