Ultimate SEO Guide for Entrepreneurs

Some people think SEO is a simple game of choosing the right keywords. Then magically your website would show up among the top search engine result pages. This notion could have been true if Google, Bing and other search engines worked as you wanted them to. We have gathered our notes and have put together the Ultimate SEO Guide for Entrepreneurs.

Ultimate SEO Guide for Entrepreneurs

You need to know what exactly SEO is before you start going about it all wrong.



You might already know it stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you don’t know, it’s a technique to rank your website higher in search engine result pages’ organic search results. This eases your website’s visibility and improves your value as a brand, product and/or service provider.

There are numerous components for improving your website rank on search engines when it comes to SEO. Things like keywords, tags and image tags are a few. But also inbound links, internal link structure, site structure and design, visitor behavior, and much more offsite are some of the elements that determine your website’s ranking on various search engines.

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What many people don’t realize is the fact that the world of SEO has changed in the past few years. It is no more about stuffing keywords in Meta tags, descriptions and web content. Search engines have become very intelligent now and will reject any web page with unnecessary keywords stuffed on or in it.

There’s no fixed rule on how to use keywords and how often to include them in a given content, but the first thing is to believe in your gut feeling. If you feel you are overusing a keyword or forcing it in a content, you should either reduce the usage or drop the keyword altogether.

Before writing content for a web page or a blog post try this. Rather than focusing on the keyword(s) you want, you should focus more on what your target audience wants. You may want to write “recumbent bikes in California”, while your target audience may or may not be aware of such terms, and they are simply looking for “treadmills and bikes for cardio exercise.” So, these are the keywords you should be using.

In a nutshell, you should let your target audience find you using keywords they do, and not assume they use specific keywords. It’s you who should be reaching them, not the other way around.


The Game-Changer…

Now let’s talk about one of the biggest changes in the SEO techniques, Social Media. A few years ago, it didn’t matter, but now, the tables have turned and your presence and visibility on social media platforms affect your ranking on result pages by a huge margin. Every Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ follower matters, all LIKEs count, and every post matters!



The first and foremost reason is that SEO still works efficiently in improving your website’s ranking on the search engines. And it is not going to go obsolete in the near or distant future at all! In comparison to PPC (pay-per-click) and email marketing programs, SEO is still more cost effective and delivers quality results. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore PPC, we simply mean you can’t ignore SEO.

With local search optimization and mobile bandwidth on a rise, you know more and more website visitors are visiting your website on their mobile devices. Moreover, proper SEO relies on good quality original content, so you can trigger the right kind of curiosity and attention in your visitors’ minds!



How can we help?

By using the latest SEO techniques, we make sure your website enjoys a high rank on search engine result pages and attracts more traffic. Our primary objective is to increase your website’s popularity and visibility among web users looking for the services you provide. We want you to enjoy more conversions and generous returns on your investment.

Our unique SEO strategy helps you reach your potential customers more effectively, and we have customized SEO plans depending on your objectives and requirements. By analyzing your website and your products and services in great detail, we perform deep market research and come up with a strategy that will fetch you high ranks and results. With SEO, you must keep in mind that it does take time.

We create a plan that paves a path to success while providing detailed SEO-analysis of your website and create industry specific yet user oriented keywords while keeping your competition and online presence in mind.

You need to keep progressing and improve your visibility and popularity on the internet to stay ahead of the competition. SEO is a great tool for your business, and you should by no means forget to implement to make sure you are always in the lead! We are here to give your website the much-needed turbo boost!

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