How to Use Social Media the Right Way, Right Now!

using social media during the COVID-19 pandemic

There are many perks of living in the social media digital age. We have Uber, Postmates, Skype, and apps that help us meditate, date, and communicate. Social media is an undeniably powerful tool that businesses can use to connect with their audience instantly. Now more than ever, we are witnessing the importance of using social media during the COVID-19 pandemic as a tool for connection. 

Millions of people are staying in their homes and relying on their phones and computers for relevant information. When used correctly, social media can help you truly connect with your audience and comfort them during this stressful time. This could mean swapping banana bread recipes, having a contest to see who has the best WFH desk setup, helpful tips on how to stay healthy, or just good ol’ fashioned support. Nothing beats a “we got this!” in times where it may in fact seem like we DON’T got this. 

So how can you ensure that you are using social media the right way and connecting with your customer base meaningfully? Be honest about the current times and share content that’s relatable and doesn’t upset the sensibilities of your followers. Here’s all you need to know about using social media during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Encourage People to Flatten the Curve 

As a business with brand recognition, you have the power to influence the minds of your followers. In other words, your fans and followers care about what you have to say to them. Use this to convince your audience to follow the measures outlined by organizations such as the CDC. During these times, you simply can’t prioritize promoting your business over keeping people safe. It wouldn’t float well with the public and the last thing you want to look like is a company that only thinks about forwarding their agenda. 

Instead of promoting services and products that won’t help the general public, make use of your power to make content that can convince your followers to take COVID-19 seriously. Work with some social media influencers and ask them to encourage their followers to follow the protocols outlined by the CDC to stay safe from coronavirus. 

You can even use different interactive social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to run COVID-19 awareness campaigns. Make use of relevant and personalized hashtags to reach your followers and create awareness – #6FeetPlz. To establish your authority, make sure to link to helpful CDC articles and posts about how to handle COVID-19.

Post Helpful and Relevant Content 

Use social media during the COVID-19 pandemic to convey the right information and guide your followers. Many people are looking at social media to gain information about the ongoing pandemic. Not all online sources are credible, which is why there’s a massive chain of misinformation online. Don’t add to the misfortune of misleading others – make sure any information you do share regarding the pandemic is CREDIBLE and RELIABLE.

To prevent this from happening at your end, share content that’s factual, highly informative, and helpful. You can use Facebook and Instagram to go live with a reliable and well-known healthcare practitioner and ask them different FAQs about the coronavirus. Create small videos and posts that highlight factual information regarding COVID-19.

Additionally, you can post trusted new articles on your social media platforms to guide your followers with the right information. Keep updating your accounts with the latest information and news. This will help you keep your followers informed with the right information. This could include lists of hospitals, small businesses that are offering takeout or delivery, updates on the lockdowns, and more! 

You can even collaborate with different healthcare professionals to come up with helpful blog posts on topics such as:

  • When Should I See a Doctor?
  • What Can I Do To Avoid Infecting Others?
  • 5 Ways To Support Local Small Businesses
  • Tips On How to Stay Healthy During COVID-19

Spread Positivity and Do Some Good By Using Social Media During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus has created a new reality for the entire world. This disruption in our everyday lives can be stressful, daunting, and overwhelming. Moreover, there is a lot of uncertainty in the air regarding how and when the pandemic will end. In such a climate, what people need the most is a ray of hope.

So, become just that to your followers! Try to keep an upbeat and encouraging tone on your social media accounts to earn the trust of your audience. That way, you’ll be seen as a resource even in the darkest of times. Use social media during the COVID-19 pandemic to share content that inspires hope and strength. Your content should reflect that you are side-by-side with your audience ready to support them come what may. 

Another way to spread hope is to use your influence and reach to do some good in the world. Think of ways in which you can contribute to the community. For instance, there are so many families who are struggling financially due to the ongoing lockdowns. You can collaborate with a non-profit organization and give some of your services or products for free to those who donate. Try collaborating with an influencer and encouraging people to donate to an NPO supporting those impacted by COVID-19.

Keep Your Followers Informed About Your Business 

Many businesses are finding it hard to stay afloat or continue with their daily operations due to the coronavirus lockdowns. You must use social media to keep your followers informed about how your business is doing and the services you’re offering. Keep them in the loop about how you are managing your daily affairs and try to think of how you can facilitate your customers’ journey. For instance, if you are an IT service provider, then you can use social media to help your customers out virtually. Go live with them on various social media platforms and answer their IT related queries. Regardless of your industry, find new ways to make your services more accessible to the general public via social media. 

The Bottom Line On Using Social Media During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus crisis has shaken the whole world and left us feeling out of control. However, the time for businesses to stay proactive and connected with their audience is now! Use social media during the COVID-19 pandemic to stay in control and connected with your followers and help them through these incredibly challenging times. Share content that’s helpful, positive, and relevant. Encourage your followers to practice safety measures to flatten the COVID-19 curve and stay safe so that everyone can come out of this stronger than before!

In the wake of COVID-19, every business in every industry is facing uncertain times as we brave this new world together. Margaux Agency is one of the top Social Media Agencies, and we want to help your business stay afloat through consistent communication strategies and digital marketing management so that you can focus on the things that matter right now. Click here to learn more about our COVID-19 Communication Crisis Services.

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