Why Am I NOT Getting Website Traffic & How Do I Fix It?


Why You’re NOT Getting Website Traffic & What You Can Do

Every successful entrepreneur has asked this question of their business, “What is working and what is not?”. Then, they get down to writing the processes that work and solutions for running their business efficiently and strategically. The goal is to grow your website traffic. From accounting to the client onboarding process, they do things differently because “Doing what everybody else is doing is simply not enough”.

Same is the case with entrepreneurs who are struggling with the daunting question, “Why do I need a website?”.

Well, if your online presence is vital to your brand, then your website should be the most critical component of your branding strategy. Your website communicates who you are and what you are promising to your audience. Its organization, content, and appearance decide the first impression audiences will get regarding your products, services or company.

Sacrificing loading time of your website for special effects will get you nowhere. A quick loading site is a key to getting the desired traffic. Click To Tweet

Think about it- you wouldn’t want to make a presentation to a client wearing your oh-so-comfy holiday pajamas? I know they are SO comfortable, but it just isn’t the right time or place. Same way, you wouldn’t want to welcome potential clients with an outdated and hard-to-navigate website. It’s so important that your website has your brand identity all over it and prospects can connect a brand recognition right away. In other words, since your online presence starts with your website, it should be awesome.

Here are some tips as to WHY YOU ARE NOT GETTING ANY WEBSITE TRAFFIC (AND WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!). These tips will help you get started in the online world and if you already own one, these tips might help give a face-lift to your website:


Analyze Your Competitors, Industry, Audience & Yourself

Before you start changing or outsourcing the development of your website, it is essential that you analyze and craft a detailed report about different online aspects of your business. Who will your visitors be? What experience will the visitors expect? Who are your competitors? What are the dominant trends in the industry? What’s your brand personality–Fun, Technical or Formal? Addressing these questions will help you develop and maintain a top-notch website.

Share More Content

Your website should not only be focused on providing services but quality-rich content as well. You can easily establish yourself as an authority by offering free content online. Useful articles, ebooks, and other informative material will help you stand out as the go-to resource.

Be Specific

You can never have the best of all of the worlds. And it’s important to realize that you are good only in a particular field. Targeting a specific audience with a specific type of offering will always get you more traffic and exposure. The more dissimilar from the competition you are, the less competition you will have to face.

Display Your Social Networks

This might seem to a default task, yet has a highly important role to play in your branding strategy. Wherever possible, add a social account widget to your website. Social media is a great opportunity to transform your brand into a personal and customized entity instead of a faceless corporation. Adding social widgets will help you know how well your website is doing amongst the audience in real time.

Remember, your brand’s reputation is never out of your hands. Always make sure that your website is visually appealing and easy to navigate. Overall, you should aim towards triggering the right emotional response at the right point of time. Professional looking sites are quick and easy to access. Sacrificing loading time for some extra special effects will get you nowhere. A quick loading site is key to getting the desired traffic and exposure.    

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